Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guys NIght UFC Fight

I made the mistake of coming home during the middle of the UFC fight just to find that the boys were not happy with the way I had arranged my furniture so they took it upon themselves to rearrange. I mean really who wouldn't pull the formal sofa into the family room for more seating!! I was a little embarrassed of what they may have found under the sofa but they didn't seem to mind it was better than the floor or a hard kitchen chair. Life just doesn't get better than BBQ ribs with all the fixins, all the soda you can drink and watching men beat the crap out of each other!!! Go guys night

Anyone for Lunch

My girlfriend Keri is an amazing cook so she taught the girls how to make chicken pillows and oven french fries. The girls did a great job and lunch was fabulous!!!!

Summer fun

Oh what can we do in the summer time when all the world is green........ just kidding, we wanted to keep the kids busy so every Wednesday ME, Leslie, Keri, my Mom and all of our kids came over to learn a new skill of some sort and then we would finish the day at the pool. 
Leslie taught the girls how to decorate cakes while the boys were trying out different painting techniques. fun, fun, fun

One day the girls (Kelsie, Briton and Reilee) learned how to sew a simple purse. They turned out pretty cute and I think they all had fun.

Miracles never cease

Some may look at this picture and think holy crap they have alot of shiz and there garage is a mess but if you have ever been to our house and need anything our of the garage you know that this is AMAZING!!!! My husband can do MANY things but keeping the garage picked up is not his Forte' so we are just going to enjoy the moment.

Great Outdoors

We did all sorts of fun things while we were in Provo, movies, eating out, shopping and the zoo but they had just as much fun if not more hiking Bridal Veil Falls. I didn't realize their was a side path up the falls so we just went right up the front :) The kids thought it was exciting when the rock would slide under our feet and I was second guessing my judgement. Zachary is getting to be so grown up and such a gentleman, I would hang back to make sure no one went tumbling but he would always wait for me at the steep parts to give me a hand ( I was fine but I couldn't resist letting him feel like I couldn't do it with out him) I love having boys, who knew!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hogle Zoo

While visiting Adri Mason informed me that he had never been to the Zoo (that puts me right up there with worst mom ever) so we made our way to Hogle's Zoo. I made the poor kid wear his eye patch and about half way through the day I realized he was having a hard time seeing some of the animals so while at the Giraffe exhibit I told him to take the patch off, I felt awful because once he took it off the first thing he said was, Oh, there's the Giraffe, mommy can we go back and see the tigers again!!! I wanted to cry, poor kid has never been to the zoo and he only saw half of it :(

Paint ball battle wounds

Robert and a few of his friends went paintballing, he came home telling me how much fun they had and then in the very same breath began to show me the bruise he received from playing. I don't understand how that is fun, it had to of hurt. What ever makes him happy!!