Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Rob surprised me with a custom closet for my birthday YEAH!!! I know it is not super fancy but can you say no more wire racks and believe or not, more organization ( I just have a lot of crap ). I would really love to know how he came to the decision to give me this, most times I have to drop many hints for a gift like this but I will take it and I love it!!!!

look into my Good EYE

We recently found out that Mason has some serious vision problems, he has a lazy right eye that has nearly no vision in it. The doctor is hoping that with patching his good eye and a strong perscription in his bad eye he might get some of his vision back. With 8 hrs of patching a day Mason is not enjoying this but we keep reminding him that if he is a good baseball player with one eye he will be amazing with two good eyes, right now it is keeping him motivated. We still think he is adorable!!

Knotts Berry Farm

We took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm for their summer break, there were a few rides that Mason was not tall enough for and one big roller coaster that Zach was not tall enough for, well while we were waiting for Rob and Kelsie, Zach played this 3 pt basketball game 4 times at $5 a pop  ( of his own money) he was so confident in himself it was funny and after his second time he had a crowd watching him.

I really do enjoy roller coasters but I get super bad motion sickness so it is not always a lot of fun for me but the kids kept teasing me that I was a whimp so I said I would ride with them if one of them was willing to hold my hair while I threw up. Zach was the winner!!!
Happy 6th Transformer Birthday Mason
Mason wanted a transformer cake for his birthday and Robert was certain that we could do it. I kept asking him if we should call Leslie (my sister who decorates cakes) for help but he insisted we didn't, well long story short the night before I am printing off how to make fondaunt which is not as easy as it might seem. At about midnight we had a transformer cake, things were thrown and Rob almost gave up but I think he did a pretty good job!!
I am forever telling the kids that I am 28 so they were very surprised to learn that really I was turning 33 (not 13)

fourth of July

We had friends over for swimming and fire works over the 4th!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

St George Vacation

Just a little weekend get away to St. George to enjoy golfing, shopping, good food, friends and Footloose play at touachan.

Yes this is Robert golfing and no you should not have to chase your ball up the hill!!


I am excited to say that I am now a certified Great Lengths technician, I am just getting started but I have already had a chance to have some fun with the amazing capabilities that it provides. Brittany Herlean wanted Megan Fox hair so we added about Five inches to her already pretty long hair.  Heidi with the black hair and tatoos was probably my biggest challenge. As you can see she has a bold style but we decided to change her color to a little more natural blonde on top and put the black underneath. Striping black from the hair is not fun but I think the end result was still a bold "Heidi" style but sexy long hair. Amber came in with a short stacked A-line and now has long hair that she could not quit touching. And I have always loved my extensions which is why  I wanted to get into the buisness!! I am still running great deals if your interested :)