Friday, December 4, 2009


Way out in the middle of no where there is a "North Pole" that you can put your letters to Santa in , I am a crappy mom and I forgot to bring paper and crayons so we improvised and had the kids yell there wish list into the mailbox, lets hope it works :)
Robert had to work thanksgiving and everyday after that but he managed to sneak out a little bit early and join us at the dunes for a couple of hours of fun and what would be a day at the dunes be without using your snowboard to ride down the sand!!!


Amy said...

I am a crappy mom too - I didn't have any paper and crayons with me either! I am pretty convince that the yelling will work - if not maybe you won't have to get ALL of your kids a 4-wheeler this year :)

Kim and Linda said...

Who besides you guys would think to snowboard at the sand dunes. What a fun weekend we had with you. I hope Robert's long days will wrap up soon.