Sunday, June 21, 2009

She did it!!!

She did it and we are so proud of her. believe it or not it was touch and go for a minute but this beautiful young lady is going places, I just know it!!
We had a celebration lunch before graduation at Cheesecake factory and this is Adri with her mom and sister (Robert's mom and sisters)
Dad, Mom and Mason held down the fort instead of enduring a really fun graduation ceremony. We came back to our house after graduation and had dessert, chocolate fondue and cheesecake.

Where's Waldo, I mean  Adri???

Adri on her way

I promise Adrianne took everything with her but the kitchen sink. At one point we actually talked about only takin her car and me just flying home but there is no way she would have fit everything, so we made it a girls weekend and Kelsie came with to help.
Funny thing is that this is what her room usually looked like at home and she wasn't unpacking!!

ta da cutest room in her apartment for sure, that is not saying that her living room could use a little TLC. We are so proud of Adri and excited for this awsome adventure she is undertaking!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mason is my hard working boy and doesn't like to be left out of a project but I am sure that Uncle Chad could have moved much quicker without his little helper. Chad is a rockstar, mason now knows how to lay veneer stone and my house looks amazing!!

Pigeon Problem?

I woke up one Saturday morning at 7:30 am and Robert was gone, this was not normal because this is his day to sleep in. Once I reached him on his cell phone he proceeded to tell me that he was tired of being woke up to cooing of pigeons and he knew of a way to handle it, he came home with a B.B. gun. Pigeon problem solved!!!!
Kelsie was pretty excited about her 11th GOLDEN birthday so we tried to make it special, so we celebrated with all of her girlfriends( what's a party without dancing!), had lots of good food, everything was GOLD and a little pin the tail on Edward.

pin the tail on the Donkey is so old school, pre teens play pin the kiss on Edward Cullen!!!